Capt. “Skip” Bradeen

Captain Skip Bradeen

Capt. “Skip” Bradeen is a Keys Legend for over 50 years. Fishing the world with outstanding ethics and morals, respected by fisherman in the industry, Top-quality customer care and acute awareness of the fishing profession.

Captain Bradeen’s motto is, always make sure the people have had a good time as they step from your boat – whether the fish were there or not. “I sell myself! My work enthusiasm spins off to my customers.” Captain Bradeen was names “Best Charter Boat Captain in the Upper Keys” for fourteen years in a row. “I’ve never claimed to be the best fisherman in the Keys, but perhaps I’m the best merchandiser of my business. It’s not hard to be successful in anything if you enjoy your work as much as I do. You can live the dream and make it work but not without working at it ….. You have to chase the DREAM.

Skip Bradeen grew up in Merrick on the south shore of Long Island, NY. His dad was a charter fisherman for 20 years. He recalls going to the old Ebbets Field as a kid. “My birthday is on Labor Day Weekend, and we’d always go to a double-header if the Dodgers were in town. Afterwards we’d go out to Coney Island with my grandparents. I was a big Dodger fan. My true dream was to be a major league baseball player, and then a major league manager.”

After serving four years in the Air Force, Skip worked as a deck hand on a fishing boat out of Freeport for the summer. “I just bought a new Chevy Impala, I was going to drive to Fort Lauderdale and take a two-week vacation. After that I was headed back up to meat cutters school to become a butcher.” His friend mentioned that he was headed to the Keys, so Skip, who had never heard of the island chain, gave his buddy a ride to Islamorada and “hung around for a couple of days to check it out,” he fell in love with the Keys and just never left.

‘As I was walking the docks of Chesapeake Marina, (as it was called then – now Whale Harbor) I met a fellow named Rene Roy, a boat captain who needed a mate the next day, and so it began. I remember there were four anglers from Chicago who fished for a half-day. We caught one Barracuda and they tipped me $5. With my $5 pay from Captain Roy I thought, this is heaven! I think I’ll stay around for a while; And I have.

I invite you to come aboard the New Blue Chip Too and fish for your dream catch and memories of a life time.

Captain “Skip” Bradeen’s BLUE CHIP TOO Charters was established in 1964 and has developed into one of the finest top notched charter operations on the East Coast of America. The New Blue Chip Too vessel is a 50’ Carolina Sport Fisherman with dependable twin diesel power custom designed engines and constructed with your comfort in mind. Fifty years at the same marina should tell you about his stability in the fishing world. Captain Skip, a Viet Nam Veteran, has been awarded the most prestigious honor to be voted one of the Top 50 Captains in the World by Salt Water Fisherman, the “People’s Choice Award” for Best Captain for 18 years and does a live radio show twice daily for 28 years running!

The New BLUE CHIP TOO is committed to their customers, providing the most comfortable fishing boats along with the best fishing knowledge in the Florida Keys. Captain “Skip” likes dealing with people and the lure of fishing brings all kinds aboard the BLUE CHIP TOO fleet. Skip’s reputation as one of the finest Charter Boat Captains in the Keys is widespread. He had been the choice of George Bush, Paul Newman, Billy Martin, Ted Williams, Jimmy Johnson, Mickey Mantle, Don Johnson, Jimmy Buffet and other notables.

He likes dealing with people, and the lure of fishing brings all kinds aboard the BLUE CHIP TOO fleet from gold miners to movie stars. Skip likes to pick their brains. The charters provide the stimulation in his line of work. A smooth talker, an agile athlete with good looks that charm, Bradeen is confident in his lifestyle and his future. He’s a happy man doing what he likes – very well.